Jonathan Page, PhD – President and Chief Scientific Officer

Jonathan has spent his career deciphering the genetic and biochemical secrets of medicinal plants, including the production of THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis. He received his PhD from the University of British Columbia (1998), undertook postdoctoral training in Munich and Halle, Germany (1998-2003) and directed a lab at the National Research Council’s Plant Biotechnology Institute from 2003-2013. His scientific work has been published in high-impact journals such as PNAS, The Plant Cell, The Plant Journal and Genome Biology and he has been an invited speaker at numerous Canadian and international conferences. Jonathan also is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC), the premier cannabis resource for health-care professionals in Canada. Jonathan co-led the Canadian team that reported the first sequence of the cannabis genome and his work has helped elucidate the biochemical pathway leading to the major cannabinoids. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Botany Department at UBC. He co-founded Anandia Labs with John Coleman in November 2013.

John Coleman, PhD – Chief Operations Officer

John has a wide-ranging scientific and business background. Prior to founding Anandia Labs with Jonathan Page in 2013, he was the Department Head of the Centre for Drug Research and Development’s (CDRD) Project Search and Evaluation Division (2007 – 2015), where he was responsible for establishing and managing partnerships with academic institutions around the world, and proactively working with Principal Investigators and institutions’ technology transfer offices to identify projects with excellent therapeutic and commercial potential that CDRD could assist in progressing towards commercialization. Before joining CDRD, he held positions in research, business development, project management and manufacturing at Inflayzme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (2000-2007), a Vancouver-based biotechnology company specializing in the development of treatments for respiratory and inflammatory diseases. During his tenure at Inflazyme, he employed a diverse set of skills ranging from managing the natural products discovery group, to performing analytical method development and pharmacokinetic analysis, executing several licensing deals and managing drug manufacturing and distribution for a phase II clinical trial. Prior to Inflazyme, John led the natural products group at Ocean Nutrition Canada (1999-2000) after having completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Marine Natural Products Chemistry group at the National Research Council in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1998-1999). John holds a BSc. (Honours) from Bishops University (1992), and a PhD from the University of British Columbia (R.J. Andersen, 1997). His PhD research on anticancer compounds produced the drug candidate HTI-286 that was licensed to Wyeth, and was progressed to Phase II clinical trials. He is an inventor on 3 patents and the author on 13 publications.

Bill Adams, CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer

Bill has over 25 years of strategic financial management experience as the Chief Financial Officer of both public and private, high-growth, technology and life sciences companies. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge in overseeing and driving change in complex commercial organizations, as well as managing the challenges of both significant growth and raising financing in both the private and public markets. Prior to joining Anandia, he was the CFO of the publically listed medical device company, Response Biomedical where he had significant involvement in global sales and the acquisition of the company by international investors. Prior to Response, he was the CFO of the privately held, forestry genetics company, CellFor, Inc. until 2012 when he led the sale of the Company to ArborGen, the market leader in forestry genetics. From 1996 to 2006 he was the initial CFO of bio-pharmaceutical company AnorMED where he was instrumental in managing the growth from 15 to 165 employees, completing an IPO on the TSX and subsequent NASDAQ listing and leading the eventual sale to a US specialty pharmaceutical company for $580M. Before joining AnorMED in 1996, Mr. Adams was Chief Financial Officer of Epic Data International Inc., a TSX listed technology company with an international customer base for its manufacturing hardware and software system solutions, and prior to that he was an audit manager with KPMG. Bill is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CA and hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia.

Kirsten Tompkins, CA – Vice President, Finance

Kirsten brings over seventeen years of accounting and advisory experience in public practice and consulting, including resource based, high tech, biotech, real estate and various other industries. Ms. Tompkins is a Technical Accounting Specialist and has provides accounting advisory and financial reporting services to a number of public and private companies as a consultant. Previously Ms. Tompkins was a Partner at Deloitte in the area of quality assurance and technical accounting for both publicly listed and private companies. She has significant experience in many accounting frameworks, including International Financial Reporting Standards, United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Private Enterprises, and Not-for-Profit accounting.