Tissue Culture

Anandia Labs is helping growers to safeguard their cannabis strains and streamline operations by providing off-site in vitro plant tissue culture archiving. This is a unique service requiring refined aseptic techniques, and a properly sterilized growing environment. By performing a gentle surface sterilization on vegetative shoots, plants are introduced into a liquid or semi-solid media and maintained for an unlimited amount of time. This reduces the need for maintenance of mother plants and helps prevent strain loss due to pests and pathogens, fire, theft, and mislabeling. In addition, this unique back-up service ensures access to pest and disease-free stock. When desired, an archived cannabis strain can be transitioned back to the natural growth environment. Rapid shoot multiplication methods are in development to provide growers with a large volume of plants upon request.

To learn more about this service please contact us at info@anandialabs.com with the subject line “Tissue Culture”.