Lab closures 2019

We offer seven-business-day turnaround for all tests, and a three-business-day rush turnaround option for most tests, except microbiology testing. Our lab is only closed on the following statutory holidays.

Good Friday
Friday, April 19
Easter Monday
Monday, April 22
Victoria Day
Monday, May 20
Canada Day
Monday July 1
B.C. Day
Monday August 5
Labour Day
Monday September 2
Thanksgiving Day
Monday October 14
Remembrance Day
Monday November 11
Christmas Day
Wednesday December 25
Boxing Day
Thursday, December 26
  • Turnaround time calculator

    Expect results by

    Expect results by

    We would need samples by 1pm on

    We would need samples by 3pm on

    With rush option, expect results by

    With rush option, we would need samples by

    Due to the holiday, turnaround times might seem longer than expected. Please get in touch for more information.

    Turnaround time calculator dates provided are estimates only

  • Turnaround times explained

    Standard turnaround is 7 business days

    Rush turnaround is 3 business days, except for microbiology, which can’t be rushed

    Even if microbiology is required, a rush option is still available for all other tests

    Microbiology tests start on the first Monday, Wednesday or Friday after receiving your samples

    Samples have to arrive before 3pm PST on a business day

    Turnaround time calculator dates provided are estimates only

    Once we received your samples, we’ll confirm by email when you can expect your results

  • How to submit a sample

    New clients
    Please contact us. We need to register you as a client before you can submit any samples.

    Registered clients

    1 – Download the relevant Chain of Custody (COC) Form

    COC – Flower and oil

    COC – Edibles and topicals

    COC – Concentrates

    2 – Email your completed form to for review.

    3 – Once your COC has been approved, send it together with your samples to:

    Anandia, Testing Division
    125-887 Great Northern Way
    Vancouver, BC, V5T 4T5

    4 – You will receive an email confirmation that your package has been received, which will include the date your results can be expected.

  • Required sample amounts

    Package testing: 60 g (flower) or 60 mL (oil)

    Potency: 10g (flower) or 5mL (oil)

    Cannabinoid profiling: 10g (flower) or 5mL (oil)

    Heavy metal or total metal: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    Aflatoxin analysis: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    Ochratoxin analysis: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    Loss on drying: 3g (flower)

    Terpene profiling: 10g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    Residual solvents: 1mL (oil)

    Pesticide analysis (96 Analytes): 3g (flower) or 2mL (oil)

    Microbiology (all required tests): 40g (flower) or 40mL (oil)

    TAMC: 10g (flower) or 10mL (oil)

    TYMC: 10g (flower) or 10mL (oil)

    BTGN: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    E. coli: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    Salmonella: 25g (flower) or 25mL (oil)

    S. aureus: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

    P. aeruginosa: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

Stability Coordinator

We are looking for a self-motivated, collaborative Stability Coordinator to join our team of award-winning cannabis scientists. The Stability Coordinator, in collaboration with our Business Development and Finance teams, will design, manage and coordinate stability studies. Additionally, the successful candidate is responsible for tracking project timelines, fulfilling testing requirements, and reporting the results to clients, including assistance with reconciling billing in accordance with each stability project design. Key accountabilities include, but are not limited to, program coordination, sample logistics, sample organization, technical writing and reporting.

The successful candidate will possess a strong understanding of Stability Testing requirements as per the ICH guidelines

It’s a great mid-level opportunity to develop new skills for a motivated Stability Coordinator in a high-paced team and industry. Join us in our new state-of-the-art lab in the Great Northern way tech hub (minutes from the VCC-Clark Skytrain station) as we expand nationally and internationally.

On any given day, you’ll be doing one or all of these things

  • Work directly with Business Development (BD) team and external clients to design Stability Studies based on client requirements and in compliance with ICH guidelines;
  • Calculate total sample quantities required for each Stability Study based on storage conditions, sample type and packaging;
  • Receive the Stability samples and log them into LIMS in a timely manner;
  • Label the containers as per Stability Plans and distribute to appropriate stability chamber(s) for storage;
  • Track stability pull dates, testing deadlines, and reporting deadlines;
  • Remove samples from stability chambers and coordinate internally for the analyses;
  • Ensure the samples are tested and reported on-time;
  • Dispose of samples when study is complete or discontinued;
  • Notify laboratory management and Quality Assurance (QA) team for any issues or deviations and support investigations as needed;
  • Collaborate with QA and BD to properly document the investigations and report to the clients if necessary;
  • Support Finance team with quoting and invoicing for Stability Studies;
  • Provide regular quarterly and annual stability reports to Anandia’s management team; and
  • Support routine operations and other duties as required.

Desired skills and experience

  • Minimum of BSc in Chemistry, Biology or other relevant scientific discipline and a minimum of 3 years of experience;
  • Prior work experience in stability testing area is an asset;
  • Experience and understanding of ICH stability guidelines;
  • Experience with Sample Management and LIMS for sample logging and tracking;
  • Ability to manage and execute multiple projects concurrently is required;
  • Knowledge of regulations and/or experience working in a regulated environment such as ISO/IEC 17025 and GLP is an asset;
  • Self-motivated individual who can work in collaborative environment with positive interactions and hands-on-approach that emphasizes team work, collaboration, and team building; and
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Smartsheet or other project management software.

Who is Anandia?

Anandia was established to provide the science, technical innovations and services that underpin the global cannabis industry. Voted the Top Testing Lab at the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards, Anandia provides the full suite of testing services required by Health Canada for licensed production of cannabis, and also develops and offers a number of other tools that may be used by our clients for breeding and product development. Anandia is focused exclusively on cannabis, with the aim of bringing the best of modern science to the cannabis industry for the benefit of cultivators and consumers. A stronger scientific foundation enables us to maximize the full potential of the cannabis plant, developing new value-add products, while ensuring safety, quality and improved cultivation efficiencies.

Anandia’s strong emphasis on high-quality science is represented by our skilled and experienced team who are also passionate about cannabis and the potential the plant presents for humankind.

Anandia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis Inc. Aurora is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We would like to thank all applicants for their interest but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Apply now

Emerald Badges

The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing labs. Proficiency test samples are manufactured by an ISO 17043 accredited PT provider. Results are submitted through an electronic data portal and data analysis is provided by the sample manufacturer with software designed to meet the requirements of ISO 13528:2015.

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