Looking for purpose in every day
Ours is to test, advance, and share
what we know.

Our science is cannabis. It’s the only thing we study, so we literally know it inside and out. Our co-founder Jonathan Page was the first person to map the plant’s genome, after all. Together, we’re a group of people who are as passionate about the science behind better cannabis as we are about its potential to improve lives.

Our commitment

With a 20-year history of cannabis research, we’re no strangers to the plant and its benefits. By sharing this knowledge, we hope to break down old stereotypes, legitimize its ability to improve lives, and ensure consumers have access to safe cannabis products in a newly regulated environment.

We do this from Canada’s West Coast, with our headquarters and testing labs in Vancouver and soon our world-leading, Cannabis Innovation Centre, focused on cannabis breeding and genetics, in Comox.

Our people

Science is obviously big with us. Among our staff of 42, we have 31 scientists who are a mix of biochemists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, and geneticists. Nine have PhDs.

Our founders – Jonathan Page and John Coleman – have decades of research and knowledge between them. Forgive us the plant analogy, but their combined backgrounds and expertise are the roots to Anandia’s strong scientific foundation and budding future.

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Cannabis Innovation Centre

Opening in 2019, our Cannabis Innovation Centre on Vancouver Island will be the world’s first advanced breeding centre for cannabis. It will be home to our disease and insect-containment facilities as well as our phenotyping laboratory. Phase 1 includes a 22,500-square-foot greenhouse with 10,000 square feet of laboratory space, and phase 2 will add even more research, cultivation, and laboratory space.

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Vancouver headquarters

Close to scenic False Creek, in the Great Northern Way community, our new headquarters has been custom designed and built specifically for cannabis testing and tissue culture. Along with our corporate offices, we have state-of-the-art chemistry, microbiology, molecular, and R&D labs, as well as the most advanced tissue-culture equipment available.

Zulus smoked cannabis before going into battle. Some observers thought it was to relax; others believed it was to help them focus.


Zulus smoked cannabis before going into battle. Some observers thought it was to relax; others believed it was to help them focus.

Emerald Badges

The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing labs. Proficiency test samples are manufactured by an ISO 17043 accredited PT provider. Results are submitted through an electronic data portal and data analysis is provided by the sample manufacturer with software designed to meet the requirements of ISO 13528:2015.